What’s Altitude Martial Arts Female Empowerment Self-Defense Classes About?

Every member of Altitude Martial Arts is about being dedicated to building healthy females of all ages, and relationships free from domestic or sexual violence, by helping to develop more physical strength as well as interpersonal skills.

We believe and encourage the practice of self-defense and safety training for girls and women as a powerful approach to the primary prevention of domestic violence and sexual violence.

Our desire is to help women to be more aware of the many different options or choices when it comes to protecting self, with an increased ability to self-defense, as well as an increased ability to recognize or be more aware of the environment, along with increased ability to identify target areas and weapons available from the human

We seek to cultivate increased feelings of confidence, increased feelings of ability to assert your needs, and increase feelings of awareness of your surroundings.

What’s Altitude Martial Arts Traditional Martial Arts Classes About?

Passing on a traditional combat art to our students allows us to continue to empower others to defend themselves if a situation were to arise.  We are dedicated to bringing out your personal best physically and mentally regarding self protection.

Our curriculum combines two effective traditional martial arts – Jiu Jitsu and Karate-do and have Japanese lineage.  We promote “safety first” on our mat although we are learning combat defense techniques which can lead to injuries.    We require students be respectful of themselves and their training partners, and our instructors model respect as well.

We believe consistent training/practice is key for efficient technique, to promote self-confidence and cultivate community.   Our instructors are seasoned, compassionate, fun and firm.  Altitude Martial Arts is dedicated to helping you achieve your martial arts goals…

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