WOMEN (Ages 18 and Up), HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE PREP (Ages 16-18), “TWEENERS” (Ages 13-15)
AND GIRLS (9-12)



EMPOWERMENT SELF DEFENSE CLASSES:  Altitude Martial Arts is housed inside of Aspire Enrichment Center. Altitude and Aspire work co-jointly to provide females the support they need in today’s world for emotional, mental and physical well-being by providing female empowerment self-defense classes.

Current U.S. statistics for females being sexually assaulted during their lifespan is one in three. ONE IN THREE!  Did you know it doesn’t matter how old or young you or your family member is? Did you know that there is a good possibility that the rapist is known by the victim?  We all know of others that this has happened to as young girls or adults. We carry around with us the thought “but that wouldn’t happen to me…or my girl…or my partner” as a defense mechanism when the statistics are not in favor of proving that thought correct.

Do you or your teen know how to be safe in an elevator? In a parking lot? On a date? On that cellphone?

We have courses designed by a female for females. It doesn’t matter your size, shape, intellect, athletic abilities…we can educate you on ways to defend yourself and be SAFE.  One new student recently commented, “It’s so easy to do!”

Classes meet once per week to make is manageable for your busy schedule. Classes divided into: Women (Ages 18 and up), High School/College Prep (Ages 16-18), “Tweeners” (Ages 13-15) and Girls (Ages 9-12). Class size is kept small for a semi-private class/personalized environment (8-10 max) and 6 or 8-week courses are offered with a weekly 60-minute class.  Affordable including family rates!  Don’t wait until something intense happens to get in here!  But if you do, we can help!

Want to tour the facility, meet the instructor and take a free introductory class? We provide that so you can “try before you buy.” Call/text 720-607-6191 to schedule and feel free to bring a friend!

TRADITIONAL MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES meet twice per week on Mondays and Wednesdays.  We offer optional Saturday classes by-reservation-only.  Our “Tiny Turtles” class is ages 3-5 for 30-minutes.  We also offer 60-minute Children’s Class (ages 6-12) and Adult Class (ages 13 and up).  We have individual or family memberships, no long-term contracts and small personalized classes (8-10 max).  Belt ranking is available up to Black Belt with modest test fees…we are not a black belt factory or a commercially-driven school.  Although we do teach a combination of martial arts, we do not do UFC- type training.  Our Black Belt timeline is 4-5 years…you will be seasoned, knowledgeable and effective.  Our Black Belt instructors are kind yet firm, have years of experience and grounded in martial combat arts.

Want to tour the facility, meet the instructor and take a free 30-minute private class?  We provide one free private class so you can “try before you buy.”

Call/text 720-607-6191 to schedule and feel free to bring a friend!

Instructor Shihan Barbara McCubbin:  Your instructor, Barbara Tyndall McCubbin, has been involved in training, teaching and promoting the martial arts since 1980. With over 35 years in the arts, she has been a positive female role model throughout the United States, having also competed nationally and internationally. Shihan (meaning “master”) McCubbin is a Jiu Jitsu sixth-degree black belt (“Rokkudan”) and a Karate-do fifth-degree black belt (“Godan”), with additional ranking in weapons (Kobudo). Originally from North Carolina, Sensei McCubbin ran schools in North Carolina, Virginia, and Vermont, relocating to Denver in 1995 to train and teach at the Hakkosen Dojo in Aurora, now closed.

GIFT CERTIFICATES AND GIFTS!!!   Need a gift for someone? Personal Safety is the gift that keeps giving.

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